Svitzer Canada

Svitzer Point Chebucto Winch Instrumentation, rope tension monitoring

Rugged Controls worked with Svitzer, through our long time winch partner Hawboldt Industries, to instrument the winches for tension monitoring on the Point Chebucto and the Bedford, tugs based in Nova Scotia Canada.

Rugged Controls provided custom load pins which were installed on the deadend of the brakeband on each vessel.  These force sensors were cabled to the pilot house where they were integrated to an LCI-90i display.  The tension monitoring application required a layer compensation algorithm since we were actuallly measure torque on the drum but due to the non uniform spooling the auto correcting nature of the layer compensation by measuring payout and applying to a drum table could not be applied.  Instead a simple drum select switch was used to determine low, middle and high drum line conditions, initiated by the operator.


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