Field Testing the Coppins Para Sea Anchor aboard the Ocean Titan

MTNW provides tension monitoring equipment and support for Sea Anchor field trials

Developed by Glosten and Coppins Para Sea Anchors, an Emergency Ship Arrest Sea Anchor is a response tool that can stabilize and reduce the drift of disabled vessels operating in remote areas of Alaska.

MTNW provided on site support, our rental 150T Tension Link, LCI-90i and WinchDAC data acquisition software. MTNW partnered with Glosten to monitor tension and support the Sea Anchor pull test during phase one field testing in Seattle, WA.

With the anchor under tow, MTNW tension monitoring equipment validated the anchor's arresting power to over 90 metric tons line tension.

WinchDAC's user-friendly graphical interface shows real-time line tension, speed, and payout alarm status and logs data for each winch and cast to disk for data post-analysis and reports. In addition it can replay the time history plot for any parameter from past casts on a second screen.

Every year thousands of vessels transit from Asia to North America via the “Great Circle” route which passes directly through the Aleutian Island chain off Alaska.  Inevitably one or more of these vessels will experience a propulsion failure which introduces risks; to the lives onboard, to the cargo, to the vessel itself, and to the environment.

The Sea Anchor project is funded by the Alaska Maritime Response & Prevention Network.


Project summary:

  • Pull Test with On-Site support & witnessing
  • 150T Tension Link
  • LCI-90i in Portable Pelican Case
  • WinchDAC data-acquisition software
  • Project location: Puget Sound, Seattle, WA

View the project video on Youtube:


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