How do I calibrate the line tension of my configuration?

One of the strengths of the LCI-90i displays is its ability to calibrate each winch configuration. Three methods are available to facilitate line tension calibration. The first is just to enter into the calibration submenu the scale and offset of the system (for example, 5000 lbs with 0 lbs offset). This can be refined further still because each display has a wrap angle correction factor in the calibration submenu. Second, these instruments will allow the operator to do a live two-point calibration. This is the most accurate method to calibrate line tension. It removes all the misalignments of the system. The third and last method is to download look-up tables into the device. This is most applicable for non-linear systems or behaviors or for high accuracy requirements. Refer to the operating manuals for more detail.

Unlike competitive systems, all calibration can be done via the front panel pushbuttons - there is no need to access the rear enclosure! 

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