RC Automate Platform

Rugged Controls supports new and retrofit test bed installations with new sensors, operator stations, control and automation electronics and software for turn-key report generation.

With designs for new or retrofit test bed applications, RC Automate delivers precise machine control and automation. Sensors for displacement (stretch), load, safety, hydraulic pressure and speed are provided, as well as post process report generation and networking software. Further options include HPU controls, automatic safety gate control, audible alarms and auto-stop functionality.  

To complete each installation, Rugged Controls offers ASTM E4 Certifications and calibration service and can facilitate annual and bi-annual recertifications to ASTM standards.

About RC Automate:

Engineered to facilitate advanced automated testing, the RC Automate Controller increases test machine throughput and reduces operator labor and data entry in test bed operations.  Rugged Controls control console includes manual operators for HPU controls, gate control, emergency stop and other pushbutton operators as well as a touchscreen HMI running our advanced control software and data collection package.  Modules for control of many force, rotational, displacement, pressure sensors, actuators and relays are included with each system. Combined, Rugged Controls provides a powerful and versatile platform for automating test machines while increasing operator accountability thru networked reporting features and reducing manual data entry and other post process by providing turn key .PDF and/or .CSV test certificates. 

Pull Test Process - Live View

Sensor Dashboard

Manual Operation Mode

Safety Lid Control   

Automated Report Generation:

In PDF Format

In .XLS  or .CSV Format



About Us

Rugged Controls is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rugged programmable controllers, sensors, instrumentation, controls and automation equipment used in industries ranging from oil & gas, industrial, oceanographic to mining to construction. Our brand of multivariable controllers is continually selected in mission-critical applications where rugged durability, viewability, accuracy and data acquisition is required.

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