Retrofit Aerostat Winch Truck

Rugged Controls was contacted by ITT to provide an upgrade to the existing Metrox winch monitoring system for truck mounted winches used to deploy Aerostats.  A custom load pin, provided by Rugged Controls, was installed in a sheave assembly that had a fixed wrap angle providing sub 1% accuracy. A rotational sensor was provided, a Hall Effect sensor, which is a direct replacement for the Metrox unit SP103. 

Custom analog outputs were provided to interface to legacy truck monitoring systems.

The system was calibrated by a Rugged Controls technician on site.  

Lockheed Martin - Aerostat Base Station Monitoring

Lockheed Martin has a 80-year heritage of providing lighter-than-air systems to the military.

The tethered aerostat provides real-time, around-the-clock reconnaissance and surveillance of broad geographic areas for warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The availability of timely intelligence is vital to protecting deployed personnel and high-value assets.  Equipped with multiple sensors, PTDS is an aerostat-based system that delivers constant day and night, 360 degree detection, surveillance, monitoring and force protection.

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Rugged Controls is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rugged programmable controllers, sensors, instrumentation, controls and automation equipment used in industries ranging from oil & gas, industrial, oceanographic to mining to construction. Our brand of multivariable controllers is continually selected in mission-critical applications where rugged durability, viewability, accuracy and data acquisition is required.

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