Large Digit Display for R/V "Roger Revelle"

winch display, tension monitoring, custom

Probably the largest remote display of winch parameter data in the world was fabricated for the R/V "Roger Revelle" by Rugged Controls. The display measured 60" wide, 28" tall and 6" deep. The standard parameter data was displayed; payout, speed and tension using 6" tall numeric characters composed of super bright long lasting LEDs. Parameter titles and units were displayed with green 3" tall characters backlit with a green fluorescent light. The display was fabricated to NEMA 4 specification using an anodized aluminum frame and real glass windows. The monster display integrated to the existing RS-485 network broadcasting from the local units already aboard the vessel. The big display is mounted in the staging bay to keep the people on deck up to date on the depth and ascent rate of the package they will retrieve when it reaches the surface.

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