Scripps Fleet Upgrade

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has one of the largest academic research fleets in the world, with four research vessels.  

Since 1907, Scripps oceanographic vessels have played a critical role in the exploration of our planet, conducting important research in all the world’s oceans.

In response to the changes in research vessel safety specifications defined by NSF, Rugged Controls was awarded the contract to upgrade the winch monitoring systems aboard all four primary research vessels.

Large Digit Display for R/V "Roger Revelle"

Probably the largest remote display of winch parameter data in the world was fabricated for the R/V "Roger Revelle" by Rugged Controls. The display measured 60" wide, 28" tall and 6" deep. The standard parameter data was displayed; payout, speed and tension using 6" tall numeric characters composed of super bright long lasting LEDs. Parameter titles and units were displayed with green 3" tall characters backlit with a green fluorescent light. The display was fabricated to NEMA 4 specification using an anodized aluminum frame and real glass windows.

Ice Breakers

Rugged Controls has been involved in supporting the polar research vessels in their winch operations for many years. 

In 2012, Rugged Controls was awarded the contract to upgrade the winch systems aboard the Coast Guard Ice-Breaker vessels, the Healy and the Polar Star.  The NSF award was in direct response to the capabilities of Rugged Controls winch monitoring equipment's ability to satisfy the requirements defined in the new Research Vessel Safety Standards issued by UNOLS.

About Us

Rugged Controls is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rugged programmable controllers, sensors, instrumentation, controls and automation equipment used in industries ranging from oil & gas, industrial, oceanographic to mining to construction. Our brand of multivariable controllers is continually selected in mission-critical applications where rugged durability, viewability, accuracy and data acquisition is required.

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