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RV Thompson
CTD Local Winch Display
CTD Local Winch Display
Trawl Local Display

The R/V Thompson is a 274-foot, state-of-the-art, ocean-going research vessel, commissioned in 1991.

The vessel is intended for use in sponsored oceanographic research projects by investigators from institutions around the country. Designed to accommodate 36 scientists during cruises which typically last 40-50 days, the Thompson has endurance limits of 12,000 miles and 60 days.

Rugged Controls was contracted to replace antiquated custom winch monitoring electronics with LCI-90i displays, scoreboard display, sensors, WinchDAC software and installation/calibration services.  

Original load measuring sensors were replaced with units that had a more sensitive range and better signal to noise ratios.  

Local displays were updated and a central PC data logging station was implemented to store winch line parameter data.

System Features:

  • Local LCI-90i Displays
  • Aft Scoreboard Display
  • Load Cells - Force Sensors
  • PC Data Logging Station-WinchDAC
  • Calibration/Comissioning
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